Find Restaurants

With our easy-to-use navigation and robust ordering process, you’ll be able to easily find nearby restaurants creating the dishes you’re craving!


Invite Restaurants

Is your favorite restaurant not a part of the CheckedOut family yet? No worries! Use our app to suggest they become a part of your favorite food social network!


Custom Orders

Create custom orders easily within the app. No more clunky ordering process! You’ll be able to get the items you crave easily!


Delivery Method

Whether you are ordering delivery or takeout, we have you covered. Use the app to easily select how you want to get your food in a matter of minutes.


Be Social

CheckedOut is designed to be a food ordering app that brings friends and family to the table. We help you remain social and connect with others over food.


Split The Bill

Ever run into an awkward situation trying to find out who pays what? No longer! Use our split bill feature to make sure everyone pays their fair share.

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